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Spangled Mythconception #7: An Official Version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” Exists

MYTH #7: There is a sanctioned traditional or otherwise official version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” CORRECTION: The 1931 act making Key’s song America’s anthem does not identify an official arrangement, in part because the song as sung in the 20th-c. … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #6: Congress Made Key’s Banner the U.S. National Anthem

MYTH #6: A 1931 act of Congress made “The Star-Spangled Banner” the official anthem of the United States CORRECTION: This is absolutely correct in terms of the anthem’s legal status, but the bill approved by the House and Senate and … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #4: Key’s Banner is Based on a Bawdy Old English Drinking Song

MYTH #4: Key’s Banner is based on the melody of a bawdy old English drinking song CORRECTION: “The Anacreontic Song” was the constitutional anthem of an elite, London-based, amateur music society… but it gets complicated. Francis Scott Key would have … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #3: Key Wrote a “Poem” Later Set to Music by Someone Else

MYTH #3: Francis Scott Key wrote a “poem” later set to music by someone else CORRECTION: “The Star-Spangled Banner” was always conceived of by Key as a song and he wrote his “lyric” to fit a specific melody of his … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #2: Key Wrote the Anthem on the Back of an Envelope

Myth #2: Francis Scott Key drafted “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the back of an envelope (or letter) Correction: Most likely Key wrote his draft on a clean sheet of paper using pen and ink While the original working draft of … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #1: Key Was Held Prisoner on a British Ship during the Battle of Baltimore

MYTH #1: Francis Scott Key was held prisoner aboard a British ship during the bombardment of Baltimore CORRECTION: Key was aboard his own American truce ship during the battle Key and fellow lawyer John S. Skinner, the U.S. Agent for … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconceptions: Correcting the Anthem Story

Celebrate Flag Day with SSMF & the Smithsonian Museum of American History with your own #RaiseItUp performance of the Banner! In honor of the U.S. Flag Day holiday on June 14, 2014 and celebrating our partnership with the Smithsonian Institution’s … Continue reading

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