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Click below for our recent press releases or contact us with questions. SSMF staff are available for interviews, email for information.

  • Musicologist Mark Clague, Ph.D. <>
  • Musicologist Susan Key, Ph.D. <>

Recent Press Releases


Free to use for publicity purposes concerning the Star Spangled Music Foundation and its projects. Please email with any questions.

Poets&Patriots-Cover-Website72-4x4Poets & Patriots Recording Cover



Poets & Patriots Recording Session (Men’s Chorus)Poets&PatriotsMensChorus-WEB
Photo: Andrew Kuster

3 Responses to Press Room

  1. Rick Fredericksen says:

    Are you aware of any specific events happening here in Iowa? I’m a radio reporter…Rick

  2. Timothy Lewis O'Neil says:

    Thanks for clearing the air concerning my relative James Hewitt. I was told by another organization that Hewitt did not compose a Star Spangled Banner.

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