Poets & Patriots Talent Credits

Poets & Patriots: A Recorded History of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Our recording of “The Anacreontic Song” — Source Tune for the Banner Melody

Complete Credits for Entire Recording Project

Conductor: Jerry Blackstone

Featured Vocal Soloists: Justin Berkowitz, Nicholas Davis, Nicholas Nestorak, Scott Piper, Leann Schuering, and Jacob Wright

Choristers: Alison Aquilina,  Justin Berkowitz, John Boggs, Ben Brady, George Case, Antonina Chekovskaya, Mark Clague, Nicholas Davis, Stephen Gusukuma, John Hummel, Jaclyn Johnson, Tim Keeler, Jonathan King, Paige Lucas, Katie Nadolny, Nicholas Nestorak, Brandon Pemberton, Ronald Perkins, Jr., Nathan Reiff, Glen Thomas Rideout, Kate Rosen, Katherine Sanford, William Scott Walters, Jacob Wright.

Collaborative Pianists: Scott Van Ornum and Michael Sherman

Instrumental Soloists: Jeannette Fang (piano) and James Kibbie (organ)
Historical Advisor and Executive Producer: Mark Clague
Producer: Andrew Kuster
Audio and Video Engineering and Production: Dave Schall
Organ Recording: Todd Sager

Keyboard Tuning: Norman Vesprini and Scott Ness
Administrative Assistance: Ron Torrella, Jeanette Bierkamp, Emily Avers, Julie Smigielski, and Brittany DeYoung

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