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A Celebration of Two Centuries of a Song — 4PM Live Stream

Two hundred years ago today, the “dawn’s early light” broke over Fort McHenry and illuminated a flag symbolizing resilience and courage. Two hundred years later, the song written by Francis Scott Key in praise of the fort’s defenders still waves … Continue reading

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Banner Moment #2—Oct. 3, 1787—First Documented Performance of the Melody

Banner Moments History Series (forward / back) While “The Anacreontic Song” was written in 1775 or ’76, The London Times (which believe it or not reported and reviewed Anacreontic Society meetings) did not start publishing until ten years later, so … Continue reading

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The Anthem at War

The Anthem at War Language Arts, Music, Theater, and Art (Optional) 5th Grade Paul Herrera, American Union Elementary This lesson is for the classroom teacher who wants to incorporate music into their curriculum. This four lesson unit (that can be expanded … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #3: Key Wrote a “Poem” Later Set to Music by Someone Else

MYTH #3: Francis Scott Key wrote a “poem” later set to music by someone else CORRECTION: “The Star-Spangled Banner” was always conceived of by Key as a song and he wrote his “lyric” to fit a specific melody of his … Continue reading

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