Our Projects

The Star Spangled Music Foundation is working with partners in education, media, and performance on a range of initiatives to celebrate the anthem’s bicentennial from concert hall to classroom to the community.

K-16 Education: opportunities for teachers and schools.

Performance and Media: opportunities and resources for musicians and audiences nationwide!

Star-Spangled Music Day: a nationwide celebration for schools and communities

Star-Spangled Stories: Share your own “star-spangled story”!

Poets and Patriots: new recordings that tell the history of the Banner!

Star Spangled Songbook: companion scores for Poets and Patriots

StarSpangledMusic.Org is building a broad network of organizations (ensembles, museums, cultural organizations, foundations, etc.) to share news of activities related to American music and especially to create, test, revise and share educational materials for use during the bicentennial of the U.S. national anthem—”The Star-Spangled Banner.” Please contact us to join.

We seek the participation of performing ensembles, including orchestras, bands, and choirs, interested in featuring The Star-Spangled Banner to celebrate the anthem’s anniversaries. We plan to share repertory and programming ideas as well as explanatory texts that can be printed in programs and concert publicity.

Interested in supporting the efforts of StarSpangledMusic.org? Please contact us to see how we might work together to share the story of America’s anthem.

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