Below are linked scans of original source documents for your classroom lessons provided by the University of Michigan, Library of Congress, and the Maryland Historical Society and other sources that K-12 teachers are free to download, reproduce and share with their students for educational purposes. If you are interested in further reproduction, please contact the source listed.

  1. 1813 payment invoice to Mary Pickersgill for Fort McHenry flags (MDHS)
  2. Key’s handwritten manuscript of lyrics (MDHS & mythology alert)
  3. 1814 Sept. 17 — first broadside print of the song, titled “In Defence of Fort McHenry”
  4. 1814 Sept. 20 — first newspaper publication of “In Defence of Fort McHenry” (LoC)
  5. 1814, c. Oct — first sheet music publication of “The Star-Spangled Banner”
    (UM Clements)
  6. 1843 Jan. 13 — Notice of FS Key’s death on 11 January 1843 (newspaper)
  7. 1844 Oh Say, Can You Hear (abolitionist verse) from Signal of Liberty (newspaper) Ann Arbor Public Library
  8. 1912 “Dawn’s Early Light” — painting by Percy Moran (mythology alert)
  9. 1918 Service Version sheet music (Library of Congress)
  10. 1931 law making “The Star-Spangled Banner” the official U.S. national anthem
    (US Government Document, copyright free, mythology alert)

Ann Arbor Public Library
LoC = Library of Congress
MDHS = Maryland Historical Society
UM Clements = University of Michigan William L. Clements Library