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  1. carole ann maxwell says:

    Hello – I am trying to purchase the Poets and Patriots cd and also the songbook, but the order will not go all the way through on the online process.

    Can you help me?

    What a wonderful resource this seems to be.

    Thank you, Dr. Carole Ann Maxwell

  2. I’m a Daughter of American Revoltion, (Abraham Clark), an All American girl, singer, songwriter/artist. Happen to be holding on to the American Dream mean while learking payroll job I’ll get to after this… I thought I’d share I recently posted something to sell online…. I wanted to put something simple so i thought best pink toilet paper. Being to post spmething to see was goal and didnt have the prototype quite down, I chose something I made years ago… It’s a post card with a flag artwork and a penny … Many love this piece of art I did. One friend in particular whom I take their compliment to heart being they are in the making of a world Consitution and easy Forbes list (well I don’t want to mention names so please get the gist), being that I knew to include this in my works later on …. But it popped up so just few days ago and posted it for sale on Etsy. I am sorry to say my artist talents haven’t experimented with this order on line journey and almost hope there are no orders… Sadly today anyway. I am forming an advocacy launch for th “Women’s Club of Hollywood and being a DAR and creator of Princess -Starlight, I truly incorporate music, the anthem, truth, justice, and beauty for all. So I am writing spuratucally found and instant post here, of physical necessities to (if you are interested in using here this post card I would need some guidance according to your structure I’m open. So I offer donate the use of the print.. – ((this is where I almost stop))…possible ink printer sponsored company however the old ways if printing were done with less emitting polutants… I will try to attach a photo of the card an attachment to the link of it if I can find it now. email me ideas casual girl here, and I have time and talent now to use… I’m am currently in Burbank, Ca. Family in Minnesota, Florida, and possible Washington DC relocation. Sonya Bertelson

  3. theresa says:

    I have been told that military protocol mandates that the Star Spangled Banner must be played in the key of bflat. Is that correct?

    • Hi Theresa,

      I’m not aware of a regulation that requires military arrangements be in the key of B-flat major, although this is a common key for wind bands. B-flat is also the key of the sheet music publication of the so-called “Service Version” and most editions of the anthem are in B-flat. If there is a singer, some would prefer a higher or lower key, so I would guess that military regulations allow for some flexibility. I would also think that veterans groups singing along would prefer a lower key, at least A-flat, which is in fact the key recommended by the so-called 1942 Code for the National Anthem.

  4. Steve Heldt says:

    It looks like certain parts of your website may have been hacked/altered. Just thought you’d want to know. (Check your home page header)

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