Star Spangled Festival Performance

The Star Spangled Banner Anthem: Celebrating the origin and meaning through performance

Information Literacy/Interdisciplinary Arts

Grades 9-12

Brenda J. Cowe- School Library Media Specialist

Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

Students from choral and instrumental music, theater, dance, visual art and communications will work together to create a creative exploration performance that tells the story of the Star Spangled Banner and the history behind it.
Goals and Objectives

  • Students understand the who, what, where and why of the the writing of the SSB.
  • Students know the basic historical context of the writing of the SSB.
  • Students understand how anthems function in society.
  • Students know how to examine aspects of a primary source.
  • Students are able to incorporate information from a primary source into a new creative product.
  • Students are able to work together to create new creative work for performance.
  • Students are able to locate and analyze historical resources.














About the Author Brenda J. Cowe is a library media specialist at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, a Buffalo Public School in Western New York. Creating a rich academic research environment for the young artists she works with is her main mission. Ms. Cowe’s interests include music, art, poetry, photography, and dance. More information can be found at her website. About Banner Moments Made available as part of the 2014 Banner Moments K-12 Institute—a project of the American Music Institute of the University of Michigan and the Star Spangled Music Foundation, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities