For the Commemoration of the Glorious Fourteenth of July

1793—Era & Topic: French Revolution

This is the first known published American lyric to the Anacreontic melody and the first-known to be written by a woman.

1. The genius of France from his star begem’d throne,
O’er his valorous sons bent his fostering eye,
Under war’s sanguine power not long shall ye groan,
Fair freedom he cries smiling shoots from the sky.
Your cause on the records of Heaven is plac’d;
Despots and crowns shall from Earth be erac’d,
While the Sun more refulgent shall dart his bright ray,
To cheer and illumine this glorious day.
2. With bastiles my lov’d land shall no more be disgrac’d,
Her white banners around ye, humanity waves;
No more shall the image of God be defac’d
Or dark cells be contriv’d by cruelty’s slaves:
The deep groan of anguish is now heard no more;
Your whips and your tortures ye tyrants are o’er,
And soon shall the world in unison say,
Forever be bless’d this glorious day.
3. The bright star of liberty arose in the North,*
O’er the Atlantic’s rough wave her splendors she shed;
For justice and virtue soon hurried her forth,
O’er thy realms my lov’d Gallia her influence spread,
And oh may her power your spirits inspire!
And still may you glow with her sacred fire;
While each son of Freedom exulting shall say,
Forever be bless’d this glorious day.
4. Let the valor of Washington live in each heart,
And those chiefs who for liberty drain’d ev’ry vein,
While honor’d, their spirits flown above are at rest,
Their memory unfading forever shall reign;
Like their’s be your fame undaunted and free,
Firmly rooted the basis of freedom shall be;
Her favors around ye brightly shall play,
Adding new glory to this happy day.
5. Thy cause, struggling France, is the cause of the world;
His tyranny over millions shall one man extend!
From their thrones be these ministers by liberty hurl’d,
And each man to each prove protector and friend.
The era arrives, already ’tis near,
When this sound alone shall be brought to the ear:
May freedom and friendship emit a joint ray,
To gild and adorn this glorious day.

For the Commemoration of the Glorious Fourteenth of July

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To Anacreon in Heaven


Weekly MuseumNewspaper: The Weekly Museum, July 20, 1793


New York City

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67, 268

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Track 7