Banner Moment #9: August 18, 1969—Hendrix Plays the Anthem at Woodstock

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A Celebration of Two Centuries of a Song — 4PM Live Stream

Two hundred years ago today, the “dawn’s early light” broke over Fort McHenry and illuminated a flag symbolizing resilience and courage. Two hundred years later, the song written by Francis Scott Key in praise of the fort’s defenders still waves over the nation, celebrating the commitment of American citizens to the day-to-day requirements of democracy.Today…

Star Spangled Music Day Report—New York Public Library Exhibit Opening

In celebration of Star Spangled Music Day, the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts hosted Metropolitan Opera star Susanne Mentzer who helped open an exhibit in the third floor reading room. Ms. Mentzer performed the anthem and engaged in a discussion with Music Division Chief George Boziwick. A video…

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Star Spangled Music Day Report—North Carolina

From Angela Stefanini, Charlotte Preparatory SchoolI’ve been teaching the history of the Star Spangled Banner since I began teaching music in 1997.  I’ve been waiting patiently for its 200th birthday celebration in order to have a huge ordeal at my school.  Proudly, we cast a major event for its bicentennial.We had a fantastic celebration  yesterday…

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Star Spangled Music Day Report—Meridian, MS

Our class celebrated the Star Spangled Banner today. We have been studying the history of the banner- song and flag- for several weeks. Today’s celebration and singing of the Star Spangled Banner were special because we are a new choir– our Highschool is trying to get a chorus program back into the school and we…

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Happy Star-Spangled Music Day!

It’s Finally Here!!! Thanks to schools and institutions from across the nation that are celebrating the 200th birthday weekend of “The Star-Spangled Banner” — the national anthem of the United States of America. Schools in Baltimore in the East, San Antonio in the South, Los Angeles in the West, and Beaver Island, Michigan in the…

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Banner Moment #8: 16 October 1968—Protest Salute during Olympic Medal Ceremony (Critical Patriotism)

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Banner Moment #7—March 3, 1931—Key's Song Made Official U.S. Anthem by Congress

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Star Spangled Music Day Photo Contest

Send pics of your Star Spangled Music Day celebration to or post them to our Facebook Page. Submit by September 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. for a chance to win copies of our Poets & Patriots commemorative CDs. Ten schools will be selected at random and will receive two free copies, one for the…

Banner Moment #6: Jan. 8, 1917—Key's Song Named "National Anthem" of U.S. Military

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