Happy Star-Spangled Music Day!

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Thanks to schools and institutions from across the nation that are celebrating the 200th birthday weekend of “The Star-Spangled Banner” — the national anthem of the United States of America. Schools in Baltimore in the East, San Antonio in the South, Los Angeles in the West, and Beaver Island, Michigan in the North are celebrating today. The New York Public Library, the Grammy Museum, the University of Michigan, and, of course, Baltimore’s Fort McHenry have fantastic exhibits and celebrations planned.
Share news, images and video of your events via social media using the hashtag #Anthem200.
Please send photos of your school’s Star Spangled Music Day activities to info@starspangledmusic.org and we’ll feature them on our websites.
Most importantly sing the song and consider the question that Francis Scott Key asks at the end of the first verse that we sing so often today. What can you do to answer Key’s call for citizenship?

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