War of 1812 Cause & Effect and Create Your Own Political Cartoon

War of 1812 Cause & Effect


 Create Your Own Political Cartoon


Directions: Complete the Cause and Effect chart below. Then, follow directions for the political cartoon below.


War of 1812 Causes Description
Impressed Soldiers
Native American Attacks
U.S. & President Madison attempt peaceful solutions



War of 1812 Effects Description
U.S. Invaded British Canada
British Captured Washington D.C.
English Navy Blockaded New Orleans
American Nationalism Grew


Step Two: Based upon your notes, reading from your textbook and the Smithsonian magazine article, and the political cartoons studied in class create your own political cartoon about the War of 1812.

Components Points Earned Points Possible
Cartoon must be related to the War of 1812 20
Cartoon is historically accurate/correct 20
Cartoon is colored, neat, and utilizes the majority of the sheet 10
Cartoon description is provided on the back and addresses the following questions:What is the message?How does this message fit into the historical context of the War of 1812? 30
There is use of at least 3 elements of political cartoons 20
Total Possible Points 100

Attach this rubric to you political cartoon

Adapted from: http://img.docstoccdn.com/thumb/orig/137998776.png

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