Star Spangled Songbook Hardback Edition Published

We’ve created a new hardback edition of our Star Spangled Songbook specifically for libraries and collectors. Click here to order ($35). The book contains 73-sheet music editions of historic arrangements of “The Star-Spangled Banner” plus its musical antecedents and parodies. Chief among these is the original source of the melody Key would use—London’s amateur musicians club theme “The Anacreontic Song.” Included are other songs by the music’s creator John Stafford Smith as well as little known songs by Francis Scott Key, including “When the Warrior Returns” (which anticipates the future anthem by 9 years) and three of his hymns.

Click here for a contents list.

The original spiral edition is ideal for teachers or musicians who prefer the music notation to lie open and flat, say on a piano music stand. The hardback edition is better for storage on library shelves and can better withstand heavy use by students. Order your copy today and maybe one for your local school library!

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