Module III: Narrative Writing through Patriotic Song

A.  (Teacher models lesson with student assistance.) During the early 1900s, the march sound of John Phillip Sousa rang across America, World War I was taking shape, cities were growing, women won the right to vote, and many homes across America had a piano or another musical instrument inside.  If we personified our United States Flag and encouraged it to talk, what might it have said in 1925?  Write a narrative story in which the flag is telling part of its story at this time in history.   See procedure.

indianapolis public library
indianapolis public library


  1.  Georgia African American family in 1900 picture 2.   Wickliffe, Indiana family picture , 1912 3.  Patriotic Favorite recordings by the US Marine Band, including many by John Phillip SousA 4.  Women’s Suffrage worksheet 5.   Women’s Suffrage Song “Dare You Do It?” 6.   “You’re A Grand Old Flag” lyrics and music by George M. Cohan 7.   “You’re A Grand Old Flag” lyrics and coloring sheet 8.   “God Bless America” composed by Irving Berlin, sang by Kate Smith for the first time video 9.  Worksheet, What is personification? 5th Grade 10.  Personification practice, 3rd Grade 11.  WW I propaganda posters, Indianapolis Library 12.  Waiting for the Evening Star, by Rosemary Wells

B.  Think about the music and poetry of today’s United States.  If our flag could tell its story, what would it tell.  Write a narrative story which reflects several details of today’s life from the perspective of our United States flag.  See procedure.

  1.   Quote from Sandra Cisneros, Eleven 
  2.  Langston Hughes, “I Too Sing America
  3.  “With God on Our Side”, Bob Dylan
  4. Students bring ideas of modern patriotic poems/songs to class.
  5. Crow Boy by Taro Yashima
  6. The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi
  7. Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman