Freedom Week Celebration

School-wide Participation
Grade Levels (K-5)
by Janet H. Berry, Celeste Henkel Elememtary
Iredell-Statesville Schools,
Statesville, North Carolina

Click the link above to download a power point give you ideas of how to share this Star-Spangled 200th Birthday Celebration with your whole school.  Various standards and lesson plans for different grades can be found at
Janet H. BerryAbout the Author
Janet H. Berry,
Mrs. Berry has taught K-5 general music at Celeste Henkel Elementary/Iredell-Statesville Public Schools in Statesville, NC from Aug. 2005 to present. Mrs. Berry was Celeste Henkel’s Teacher of the Year 2011-2012 and a District Top Five Teacher of the Year that same year. Mrs. Berry holds Bachelor’s and Master’s of Music Education from Appalachian State University, Boone, NC,Orff Certification–Level III, Kodaly Level II.
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