Congratulations to SSMF Institute Alum Susan Ferguson

Employee of the Year certificate from the Camden, North Carolina Schools honoring Susan Ferguson.

The Star Spangled Music Foundation is proud to cheer our Banner Moments Institute alumnus — Third Grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Susan Ferguson — whose extraordinary efforts to share the insights and knowledge she gained with us in Maryland with her students, colleagues, and indeed the whole Camden community in North Carolina, has resulted in her being named “Employee of the Year” for the Camden County Schools.
Below is the press release about the award citing the recognition read by Camden  Superintendent  Melvin Hawkins:
On June 13, 2014, Third Grade Teacher Susan Ferguson from Grandy Primary in Camden, North Carolina was awarded The Employee of the Year certificate for “valued and devoted service to the children of Camden County.”  This recognition is given to employees who have contributed to the community of Camden Schools in an outstanding way.

Students parade their life-size replica of the Star Spangled Banner garrison flag at a Camden football game in September 2014 to celebrate the Anthem’s 200th birthday.

Mrs. Ferguson, after spending a month of her own time in College Park, Maryland studying at the National Endowment for the Humanities Institute “Banner Moments,” enlisted the help of the art teacher and recreated a life sized replica of the Star-Spangled Banner flag in honor of the 200th anniversary of the National Anthem.  She engaged the students at the Primary school in a week long painting project.  She collaborated with the high school athletic and music department to parade the Banner onto the field at a football game, while the marching band played the National Anthem.

Susan Ferguson dressed as Mary Pickersgill, who created the oversize Fort McHenry Garrison Flag seen by Key that inspired his now famous lyric.

Not only that, but she created lesson plans for the entire primary school to help her fellow teachers and their students celebrate the 200th Birthday of the Anthem.  Finally in a school wide assembly,  she invited the high school band to perform patriotic music, enlisted a boy scout troupe to demonstrate proper flag procedures, collaborated with the music teacher to teach the students several ageless patriotic songs all while dressed in period costume as flag maker Mary Pickersgill.
For outstanding contributions to the educational community and for her efforts to engage the entire community in this important celebration the Camden School Board recognized Susan Ferguson as The Employee of the Year.

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