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Our Star-Spangled Songbook and Poets & Patriots recording offer teachers new tools to teach U.S. history.

Featured by The New York Times, the Detroit News, the Washington Post, CNN, C-Span, the Smithsonian, Encyclopedia Britannica, PBS,, The Choral Journal, and Chorus America’s The Voice, StarSpangledMusic.Org and the Star Spangled Music Foundation were created in celebration of song in America’s musical life. We aim to provide reliable, scholarly research findings to reveal the forgotten history of U.S. patriotic music. Our top rated resources are:

The Star Spangled Music Foundation
Our mission is to bring teacher-tested curricular materials and the best of musicological research on American music to students, teachers, and the public, with a focus on accurate and high quality information and teaching tools about American song. Like democracy itself, song requires active participation. Song is as much a verb as a noun. It offers a means to practice citizenship and for Americans young and old to discuss who we are and who we want to be as US citizens and citizens of the world.

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