Singing the SSB Video Lesson 3

Vid 2Click Here for Video Lesson 3

Materials Needed
Internet access to YouTube
Computer with projector (for students to view YouTube videos)
Speakers (for students to hear the YouTube videos)

– Watch the video lesson linked above.  During the video, students will participate in speaking and singing activities for a given excerpt of the Star-Spangled Banner.
– This video features the Library of Congress and primary resources for the SSB.
– By the end of the lesson series, students will have rehearsed and performed the entire first verse of the Star-Spangled Banner.
– Applicable online resources and activities are provided at the end of this page to supplement the video lesson (optional).

Standards – National Association for Music Education
PreK – Eighth Grade
MU:  Pr6. 1.– a – Perform with expression…
MU:  Pr6. 1.– b – Perform appropriately for the audience…
MU:  Cn11. 0.– a – Demonstrate understanding of relationships between music and the other arts…
Ninth Grade – Twelfth Grade
MU: Pr6. 1. E. 5a – demonstrate attention to technical accuracy and expressive qualities in prepared and improvised performances…
MU: Pr6. 1. E. 5b – Demonstrate an awareness of the context of the music…

Additional Resourcesre 2
Visit the Library of Congress’ Website
– Search, view, and manipulate digitized primary resources
– Search, view, and read about famous artwork and images
– Information on the history of the Library of Congress buildings and artwork
– Standards-based lesson plans and online resources

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