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Goals and Objectives

Describe the learning outcomes and/or goals.

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  2. Goal/Objective 2
  3. Goal/Objective 3

Offer a concise overview paragraph intro to your lesson here.
Materials Needed
List any items needed for your lesson that must be made or purchased in advance. Consider a list format and when possible link to purchase info or instructions to make what is needed.

Add prose and/or a list that describes the parts of your curricular project, and then link to documents or other pages that describe your lessons in detail. You might present the activities in list form. Don’t give much detail here, create secondary pages and link to them. You create a page using “All Pages: Add New.”
Link to online resources: background historical materials, lyrics, biographies, recordings, handouts or powerpoint files you are willing to share, etc. All projects should have music of some sort. Consider allowing
Teacher Guide (optional)
Consider posting a detailed prose document that offers more detailed instructions for colleagues who desire it; post this as a pdf using the “Media: Add New” link.
Connect to state and/or national standards that your lesson plan addresses.
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