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There is a wealth of information about “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the web.  Check out our Further Resources page for historical information and recordings.  Here are links to some online lesson plans from our Banner Moments Summer Scholars as well as other reliable sources:

Special Projects and Ideas for All Grades

Celebrating National Anthem Day (from the National Association for Music Education)

Singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Non-Music Classrooms (from Banner Moments)

The Road to “The Star-Spangled Banner”: A Google Earth Tour (from Banner Moments)

Resources and ideas from the NEH’s Edsitement

Chronicles of War: How Artists, Poets, and Musicians share their experiences during the War of 1812 (a professional development resource developed by a Banner Moments Summer Scholar)

“Becoming” American: Symbols, Signs, and Songs (from Banner Moments)


Freedom Week: A School-Wide Celebration (from Banner Moments)

Star Spangled Celebration Week: A Resource Packet (from Banner Moments)

The Star-Spangled Banner across the Arts: Lessons on Music, Dance, and Painting (from Banner Moments)

The Music of Poetry Decoded: Lessons on Liberty (from Banner Moments)

Teaching Writing Through Patriotic Song (from Banner Moments)

The Star-Spangled Banner: What it Really Means (from Banner Moments)

The Anthem at War (from Banner Moments)

The Music in Me (from Banner Moments)

Francis Scott Key and “The Star-Spangled Banner”: A Music Lesson (from Banner Moments)

Everyday is Star-Spangled Banner Day!: A Music Lesson  (from Banner Moments)

O Say Can You Sequence? (from Banner Moments)

Symbols and Sounds of Freedom (from Banner Moments)

Anthem (from Banner Moments)

Battle of Manassas (from Banner Moments)

Star-Spangled Math (from Core Knowledge)

O Say Can You Sing? (from Core Knowledge)

The British are Coming: Again! (from Core Knowledge)

The Star-Spangled Banner (from Scholastic)


Star Spangled Celebration Week for 5-8 Grade (from Banner Moments)

Star-Spangled Celebration Week Resource Pack (from Banner Moments)

Star-Spangled Research Lesson: Using Primary Sources (from Banner Moments)

Star Spangled Festival Performance: Celebrating the origin and meaning through performance (from Banner Moments)

Who am I? Who are We? Defining Our American Identity (from Banner Moments)

“The Star Spangled Banner” in Multicultural Societies (from Banner Moments)

What So Proudly We Hailed: The War of 1812 and the Emergence of our National Anthem (from Banner Moments)

The Civil War Through Its Music (from Banner Moments)

American Patriotism: The Symbols that Bind Us (from Banner Moments)

The American Flag as a Symbol (from Banner Moments)

The Star-Spangled Banner: An American Icon (from Banner Moments)

The Star Spangled Banner Echoed in the Literature and Music of the Harlem Renaissance (from Banner Moments)

Development of American Democracy: An Analysis of the Evolution of American Political Parties to the Anacreon Tune  (from Banner Moments)

A Musical Journey: Report on “The Fort & the Flag” by George Armistead (from Banner Moments)

War of 1812 Cause & Effect and Create Your Own Political Cartoon(from Banner Moments) with companion lessons Elements of Political Cartoons; War of 1812 Compare & Contrast;British View of The War of 1812

O Say Can You See What the Star-Spangled Banner Means? (from Edsitement)

 The Star-Spangled Banner: Fact or Fiction? (from the Center for History Education)

From The Anthem Project:

By the Dawn’s Early Light: Understanding the Lyrics and Their Influence 

Our Cause It Is Just: Causes of the War

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: Becoming the Anthem 


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