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Abolitionist Star Spangled Banner —”Oh Say, Do You Hear?” (1844)

In the 19th-century, the music and words known today as the national anthem of the United States —”The Star-Spangled Banner”—was deeply associated with American identity but just one of many patriotic songs. All of America’s patriotic songs were part of … Continue reading

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Spangled Mythconception #8: Igor Stravinsky’s Mug Shot & “Illegal” Anthem

MYTH #8: A mug shot offers proof of composer Igor Stravinsky’s arrest by the Boston Police for desecrating a national symbol after conducting a performance of his own arrangement of “The Star-Spangled Banner” with the Boston Symphony. CORRECTION: The supposed … Continue reading

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Star Spangled Songbook Hardback Edition Published

We’ve created a new hardback edition of our Star Spangled Songbook specifically for libraries and collectors. Click here to order ($35). The book contains 73-sheet music editions of historic arrangements of “The Star-Spangled Banner” plus its musical antecedents and parodies. … Continue reading

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Star Spangled Music Day—Wed. Sept. 14, 2016

JOIN US TO CELEBRATE A BANNER BIRTHDAY! The Star Spangled Music Foundation (SSMF) is pleased to announce a national Star-Spangled Music Day #3 for Wednesday, September 14, 2016 in celebration of the 202nd anniversary of the United States National Anthem … Continue reading

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Star Spangled Songbook Published!

Our book of sheet music and anthem history—the Star Spangled Songbook—has been published to mark the song’s 201st anniversary! The Star Spangled Songbook tells a largely forgotten story of the United States of America—of the symbiosis of both anthem and … Continue reading

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Concert Variations on the Star Spangled Banner for Organ

In 1861 American composer and organist, John Knowles Paine (1839–1906) composed the Concert Variations on “The Star Spangled Banner,” Op. 3, No. 2. It is paired as Opus 3 with a set of “Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn” (Op. … Continue reading

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Guest Post—Marc Leepson on Francis Scott Key (Facts #6–10)

Ten Little-Known Facts about Francis Scott Key (#6–10) By Marc Leepson Key was a close confidant of President Andrew Jackson and a member of his Kitchen Cabinet. Informal meetings often took place in Key’s expansive house on M Street (then … Continue reading

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