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Guest Post—Marc Leepson on Francis Scott Key (Facts #1–5)

Ten Little-Known Facts about Francis Scott Key By Marc Leepson Virtually everyone knows the name Francis Scott Key. And virtually everyone knows it for one reason: for the fact that he was the author of the words that became our … Continue reading

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A Spangled “Ode to the Fourth of July” (1826 Style)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United States, a Mrs. K.A. Ware did what many in the 19th-century did — she wrote a song by creating new lyrics to a beloved and well known tune. This … Continue reading

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Congratulations to SSMF Institute Alum Susan Ferguson

The Star Spangled Music Foundation is proud to cheer our Banner Moments Institute alumnus — Third Grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Susan Ferguson — whose extraordinary efforts to share the insights and knowledge she gained with us in … Continue reading

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Music Day in St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Star Spangled Music Foundation: Thank you so very much for your tremendous work on the bicentennial of “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Your website, music and videos, articles, ideas, logo, etc… and etc… were extremely beneficial as my fellow teachers … Continue reading

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Banner Moment #9: August 18, 1969—Hendrix Plays the Anthem at Woodstock

Banner Moments History Series (forward / back) Banner Moments History Series (forward / back)

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A Celebration of Two Centuries of a Song — 4PM Live Stream

Two hundred years ago today, the “dawn’s early light” broke over Fort McHenry and illuminated a flag symbolizing resilience and courage. Two hundred years later, the song written by Francis Scott Key in praise of the fort’s defenders still waves … Continue reading

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Star Spangled Music Day Report—New York Public Library Exhibit Opening

In celebration of Star Spangled Music Day, the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts hosted Metropolitan Opera star Susanne Mentzer who helped open an exhibit in the third floor reading room. Ms. Mentzer performed … Continue reading

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